Love of Reading Week

Love of Reading Week

In February we have Love of Reading Week.
We have members of the community come in to read to Borton students.

Board Member Jennifer Eckstrom read to some students.
Jennifer Eckstrom reading to a group of second graders.

Former principal Ms. Lisa read to a first grade class.
Ms. Lisa reading to students.

Corrections Officer Rodriguez from the Sheriff's Department visited, reading
some books then taking questions from the students.
Officer Rodriguez in uniform reading to students.

Former Borton teachers Ms. Kathy and Ms. Caryl read some books to two
Kathy reading to some kindergarteners as Caryl looks on.

Sheriff's Deputy Hernandez read to three classrooms.
Deputy Hernandez reading to second graders

Senior Forensic Technician Wendy Simms read to a first grade class.
Senior Forensic Technician Wendy Simms reading to first graders

And finally, Sheriff's Deputy (and former Borton student) Rafael Alcaraz-Yepiz
read to a fifth grade class, then answered a lot of questions from students.
Sheriff's Deputy Yepiz reading to fifth graders