Borton Jump a thon

kids jumping rope in the courtyard
The 2024 Jump-A-Thon was a lot of fun!  Kids jumped rope to raise money for the Borton PTA.

girl jumping rope     boy jumping rope

boy in sunglasses jumping rope     girl jumping rope

girl jumping rope     boy jumping rope
The preschoolers got into it.
Two boys wait for a rope to be turned
Some jumped ropes that volunteers turned.
A boy jumping rope

Some jumped the same rope.
Two girls jumping     Three girls jumping

Kids jumping across the courtyard
Some jumped alone
 Two girls jumping     Boy jumping rope
A boy jumping     A girl jumping rope

A boy jumping

A boy jumping     A girl jumping
Mr. Eric helped turning ropes.
Principal Eric turning a rope for a boy jumping

 A girl jumping rope     Two boys jumping

A girl jumping

A girl jumping     

A girl jumping     A boy jumping
Everyone had a lot of fun.
A girl jumping rope