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Borton Magnet School Site Council

Borton Magnet School is a Shared Decision Making School. Shared Decision Making is a process in which all the members of the school community (staff, parents, and community members) work together to make decisions. We have a constitution and eight core committee members that are elected by the group of constituents they each represent.

  Site Council Members  
  Eric Eulberg principal
  Madison Loya certified
  Maddie Schepper certified  
  Tori Arrieta certified  
  Blanca Amavizca classified  
  Devin Encinas classified  
  Heather Rauch parent  
  Amy Barron-Gafford parent  


Site Council Meetings

  Agenda August 17, 2022 Minutes August 17, 2022  
  Agenda October 26, 2022 Minutes October 26, 2022  
  Agenda January 18, 2023 Minutes January 18, 2023  

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