Just Right Books

Choosing a "Just Right" Book
(One that’s not too easy and not too hard, but just right.)

Two students at a table in the library

First, look through the pictures in the book to see what the book is about.

A boy looking at a book

Read one or more pages.

A boy reading a picture book

When you come to a word you don’t know, put one finger up.

A boy with a book holding up a finger

If you have 3 or more fingers up at the end of the page, it’s probably too hard for you.

A boy reading a book, holding up 2 fingers

If you have 1 or 2 fingers up, it’s probably “just right” for you.

A boy checking out a book from the librarian

After you find 3 or 4 “just right” books, we check them out to your teacher and you can take your books to class.

A girl leaving the library carrying some books
When you’ve read them a few times, return them to the library and choose more “just right” books.