Tax Credit Information

Tax Credit Information


Through the Arizona School Tax Credit program you can help Borton students by supporting extra-curricular activities, including sports, arts, field trips, music and more. When you make a tax credit contribution you get a dollar-for-dollar tax credit on your Arizona personal income tax. Borton students benefit from your generosity and you get the amount you contributed back when you file your taxes.

This year, we have a terrific opportunity to expand Borton’s after school and enrichment programs. Give us your ideas! Ideas already discussed include: Artist in Residence, AMERICORPS volunteer, garden instructor, extending limited library hours, field trips to support project based learning lessons, sports equipment, and student council. Your tax credit contributions give Borton students opportunities that state funds just don’t cover.

Presentation about what Tax Credit donations have done for Borton.

Every dollar counts and directly supports Borton’s enrichment programs.Last year we raised over $30,000 in tax credit contributions and our 2020 goal is $45,000. Won’t you join us to help make Borton students the best they can be?

Here is all you do:

  • Bring in or mail a check for up to $400, made out to Borton Magnet School by April 15th, 2024 along with the Donation Form. Or you can contribute Online.
  • You may donate any amount ($5, $25, $100...) in either one lump sum or several smaller donations. You may donate any amount, but may only claim credit for up to $400 for joint filers and $200 for individual filers.
  • If you have a special interest, please indicate what you would like to have the money support.
  • Obtain and retain your receipt of donation to use at tax time.

For more details or to donate using a credit card, go to the Arizona tax credit web page.


Fine print:

The Arizona tax credit program (A.R.S. 43-1089.01) allows you to receive a tax credit of up to $200 for single individuals (or head of household) or $400 for married couples filing a joint return ($200 if married filing separately) for your donation to your child’s or community’s school.

A tax credit is a dollar-for-dollar reduction in the actual tax owed to the State of Arizona. It reduces your tax liability by the amount you donate, up to $400 for married couples and $200 for single or head of household. For example, if you donate $400 to an eligible TUSD school activity, you reduce your Arizona state tax bill by $400 or your tax refund will be increased by $400. If you pay no Arizona income taxes, either through withholding taxes or tax due when you file your tax return, you are not eligible for the tax credit. The tax credit can also be taken as a donation on your federal tax return. For further information please consult your tax professional.