Educational Links


Educational Links


There are numerous websites that you can go to with your child while at home. Here are a few good websites, many of which we use at Borton. is an expansive reading website that progresses from basic letter sounds to reading short stories.

Dance Mat Typing is a keyboarding tutorial with silly animated characters. (It’s from the BBC, so the characters have British accents.) We use this to get kids started on touch typing.

Storyline Online has a collection videos of books being read.

Borton Library Catalog has multiplication games and resources.

Math Magician Multiplication

BrainPOP has math and literacy games for grades K-5. (The website has advertising.)

Cool Math Games has a lot of games which reinforce math skills.

Cool Math 4 Kids is more math and less games.

Kiddle Web Search for Kids

PBS Kids has sites and games based on many of its TV shows. They’re educational and fun.

Funbrain has simple graphical games involving addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, spelling, and shapes games. Warning: there are pop-up advertisements.

Poptropica is a virtual world in which kids explore and play.

Spelling City has literacy and spelling games.

Crossword Puzzle Maker

Super Teacher Worksheets — worksheets for teachers

The Little Animals Activity Center Each of the six animals teaches something in a cute and mischievous way.

The Scholastic website for kids (they are a book publisher for kids) has games for your children.

Science Toymaker Spinners, rubber-band powered airplanes, water rockets, and more. Easily make simple toys at home.

Kahoot! Game-based digital learning platform (Teacher login)

StarChild - A Learning Center for Young Astronomers This is NASA’s page for kids, with information about the solar system, and space. It has buttons which read the text aloud, which helps beginning readers.

Arizona Sonora Desert Museum — Official site of the Desert Museum

Tree People

DIBELS Interventions Electrified — A set of links to various basic literacy games, assembled by a school in Delaware.


School City - Student assessment portal

AzMERIT Portal